疯狂英语的听力材料 传奇私服怎样喊话



  You were late again this morning.I think you had better start being on time.


  [00:04.75]My father will be here tomorrow,but at first I thought that he was coming today.


  [00:09.51]I do not have a job.I would find one but I had no time.


  [00:14.37]The streets are all wet.It must have rained during the night.


  [00:18.78]She tried to make herself understood in French..


  [00:23.38]1.At this low price,millions of people could [afford] to go to the movies.


  [00:28.06]2.There's [nothing]I enjoy more than attending a dance party.


  [00:31.61]3.We [must have made] a wrong turn at the last crossroad.


  [00:34.74]4.Mary would never have gone to the party [had she known] that Mike visited her.


  [00:38.92]5.John never realized that in order to play the piano,he must have [not only training but talent also].


  [00:45.17]6.my opinion is as good[as or better than his].


  [00:49.14]7.[Unless]I get the money soon,I can't go on my vacation.


  [00:53.00]8.A:He helps you quite a lot.


  [00:54.73]B:We feel grateful [for] his help.


  [00:56.79]9.That should be an excellent [opportunity for you] to say what you think.


  [01:00.89]10.[Would you like ] to have lunch with us today?


  [01:03.63]1.I count him as a faithful friend;he's stayed with me through thick and thin.


  [01:08.75]2.This van should answer our purpose for transporting children to school.


  [01:13.04]3.All those children running around the house drove me crazy;I had to go for a walk.


  [01:17.84]4.They are ready to meat us half-way in the matter of price.



  [01:21.01]5.When the company went bankrupt and shut down,150 people were in the same boat-they were all out of work and had to find another job.


  [01:29.10]6.There are few part-time jobs now available for students.


  [01:32.55]7.If only I'd studied more math.


  [01:34.64]8.Stone spent a year in France and came back speaking French fluently.


  [01:39.37]9.She is excited about finishing her homework.


  [01:41.85]10.I'll pay for the drinks,but I can't pay for everyone's meal as well.I'm not made of money.


  [01:47.49]1.W:You haven't written to your folks for quite a while,have you?


  [01:50.39]M:No,how about you?


  [01:52.14]Q:What does the man want to know?


  [01:54.16]A:If she has corresponded with her relatives recently.


  [01:57.19]2.M:Open wide,now,show me where it hurts.


  [01:59.72]W:Here,on the bottom,especially when I bite into something hot or cold.


  [02:03.77]Q:Who is the man?


  [02:05.02]A:A dentist.


  [02:06.12]3.W:I wasn't sure what she really thought of my suggestion just from our phone conversation.


  [02:11.27]M:Yes,it would be better to talk about it face to face.


  [02:14.35]Q:What does the man mean?


  [02:15.94]A:The women ought to speak to each other in person.


  [02:18.87]4.W:I hear you're taking an advanced physics course this semester.How's it going?


  [02:23.02]M:I think I've bitten off more than I can chew.


  [02:26.10]Q:What does the man mean?


  [02:27.59]A:He finds the work harder than he expected.


  [02:30.20]]5.W:It's awfully dark for 4 o'clock,Do you think it's going to rain?


  [02:33.89]M:You'd better do something about that watch of yours.It must have stopped hours ago.Mine says seven.


  [02:39.48]Q:What conclusion can you draw from this conversation?


  [02:42.14]A:The woman's watch stopped 3 hours ago.


  [02:44.99]We want to get used to speaking English.











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