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  Embracing New Challenges

  People always talk about age, because age reflects their state of mind, which is something universal despite different family, social or cultural backgrounds. The age of 21 is a sensitive time, people at that age will face the turning point, they meet new challenges.


  In western country, 21 is the age at which young people traditionally receive a key to their parents’ door, as a symbol of entering adulthood. People at the age of 21 will ask themselves that where should they go in the future. For college students, they are thrilled at the prospect of starting their careers within a year. While as the global recession gets intense, some have to scale down their ambitions. They will realize that being realistic, instead of frustrated, is the solution.


  The age of 21 is also a time to step out of your comfort zone, it is a time to explore the outside world, when you are ready to do so. You have been protected by your family all the time, you should embrace new challenges bravely, get out of the protecting zone, ready to open the new chapter of your life.


  When people come to the age of 21, it means they are adults, they should take responsibility of themselves, to be fearless and embrace new challenges.



  New Challenge in This Term

  How time flies! Now I am a sophomore as if I were a freshman yesterday. Only when I see new comers undertake the military training do I realize that I am different from them. I can see their curiosity about the campus through their eyes. As for me, I have been in college for about one year and I have more new challenges in this term.


  After one year’s study, I become more experienced and more familiar with my profession. I was elected as the minister in my association. It is really a big challenge to me. On the one hand, I should pay more attention to those new friends and attach more importance to make them feel at ease. On the other hand, I ought to balance the study and my club activities. For example, I have ten lessons in Monday; what’s more, I have two meetings at noon and at dusk. How busy I am!


  Although I am in a dilemma, I still have faith in myself. I agree that it’s important to keep busy because doing nothing will easily to focus on the fatigue, and then you may lose patience. Anyway, some busy work can improve my skills, and I still have free time to relax myself. Time doesn’t wait! I’ll grasp this semester to make every day precious and unforgettable so as to enrich myself both physically and mentally.



  The Young Generation Faces New Challenges

  The young generation has been labeled as the lost generation; young college graduates are unemployed, upset about debt and unable to find a promising career. It is not for everyone, but an increasing number of graduates have been forced into this situation, at the same time, they face new challenges.


  First, the rising debt, lack of income and high house prices give the young generation great pressure, most of them can’t afford these, and have to live with their parents. Living with their parents makes the young generation loses certain freedom, like they have to go home at night and can’t have fun with friends. What’s more, the children are easy to depend on their parents; they don’t take responsibility of themselves. In the long run, it is not good for them.


  Second, for those who remain unemployed for a significant period, remaining motivated can be the most important problem. Without jobs, people will feel depressed, they are easy to over think, and then give themselves much pressure, at last, they will lose hope of the word and be no longer motivated.


  It is not easy to find the job, young generation must be positive, they need to be independent and motivated to face the new challenges.











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