下半年大学英语六级词汇选择题练习 传奇无敌变态高爆率版



  1.The designer has applied for a ____ for his new invention.

  A) tariff

  B) discount

  C) version

  D) patent

  2.The toy maker produces a ____ copy of the space station, exact in every detail.

  A) minimal

  B) minimum

  C) miniature

  D) minor

  3.An energy tax would curb ordinary air pollution, limit oil imports and cut the budget ____.

  A) disposition

  B) discrepancy

  C) defect

  D) deficit

  4.They have decided to ____ physical punishment in all local schools.

  A) put away

  B) break away from

  C) do away with

  D) pass away

  5.Astronauts are ____ all kinds of tests before they are actually sent up in a spacecraft.

  A) inclined to

  B) subjected to

  C) prone to

  D) bound to

  6.Individual sports are run by over 370 independent governing bodies whose functions usually include ____ rules, holding events, selecting national teams and promoting international links.

  A) drawing on

  B) drawing in

  C) drawing up

  D) drawing down

  7.Up until that time, his interest had focused almost ____ on fully mastering the skills and techniques of his craft.

  A) restrictively

  B) radically

  C) inclusively

  D) exclusively

  8.All the ceremonies at the 2000 Olympic Games had a unique Australian flavor, ____ of their multicultural communities.

  A) noticeable

  B) indicative

  C) conspicuous

  D) implicit

  9.I have had my eyes tested and the report says that my ____ is perfect.

  A) outlook

  B) vision

  C) horizon

  D) perspective

  10.He was looking admiringly at the photograph published by Collins in ____ with the Imerial Museum.

  A) collection

  B) connection

  C) collaboration

  D) combination

  11.In those days,executives expected to spend most of their lives in the same firm and,unless they were dismissed for ____, to retire at the age of 65.

  A) integrity

  B) denial

  C) incompetence

  D) deduction

  12.Others viewed the findings with ____, noting that a cause-and-effect relationship between passive smoking and cancer remains to be shown.

  A) optimism

  B) passion

  C) caution

  D) deliberation

  13.The 1986 Challenger space-shuttle ____ was caused by unusually low temperatures immediately before the launch.

  A) expedition

  B) controversy

  C) dismay

  D) disaster

  14.When supply exceeds demand for any product,prices are ____ to fall.

  A) timely

  B) simultaneous

  C) subject

  D) liable

  15.The music aroused an ____ feeling of homesickness in him.

  A) intentional

  B) intermittent

  C) intense

  D) intrinsic

  16.I bought an alarm clock with a(n) ____ dial,which can be seen clearly in the dark.

  A) supersonic

  B) luminous

  C) audible

  D) amplified

  17.The results are hardly ____;he cannot believe they are accurate.

  A) credible

  B) contrary

  C) critical

  D) crucial

  18.This new laser printer is ____ with all leading software.

  A) comparable

  B) competitive

  C) compatible

  D) cooperative

  19.The ball ____ two or three times before rolling down the slope.

  A) swayed

  B) bounced

  C) hopped

  D) darted

  20.He raised his eyebrows and stuck his head forward and ____ it in a single nod,a gesture boys used then for O.K. when they were pleased.

  A) shrugged

  B) tugged

  C) jerked

  D) twisted


  21.Many types of rock are ____ from volcanoes as solid,fragmentary material.

  A) flung

  B) propelled

  C) ejected

  D) injected

  22. With prices ____ so much,it is difficult for the school to plan a budget.

  A) vibration

  B) fluctuating

  C) fluttering

  D) swinging

  23.The person who ____ this type of approach for doing research deserves our praise.

  A) originated

  B) speculated

  C) generated

  D) manufactured

  24.____ that the demand for power continues to rise at the current rate,it will not be long before traditional sources become inadequate.

  A) Concerning

  B) Ascertaining

  C) Assuming

  D) Regarding

  25.Her jewelry ____ under the spotlights and she became the dominant figure at the ball.

  A) glared

  B) glittered

  C) blazed

  D) dazzled

  26.Connie was told that if she worked too hard,her health would ____.

  A) deteriorate

  B) degrade

  C) descend

  D) decay

  27.We find that some birds ____ twice a year between hot and cold countries.

  A) transfer

  B) commute

  C) migrate

  D) emigrate

  28.As visiting scholars,they willingly ____ to the customs of the country they live in.

  A) submit

  B) conform

  C) subject

  D) commit

  29.More than 85 percent of French Canada's population speaks French as a mother tongue and ____ to the Roman Catholic faith.

  A) caters

  B) adheres

  C) ascribes

  D) subscribes

  30.The professor found himself constantly ____ the question:"How could anyone do these things?"

  A) presiding

  B) poring

  C) pondering

  D) presuming

  31.Weeks ____ before anyone was arrested in connection with the bank robbery.

  A) terminated

  B) elapsed

  C) overlapped

  D) expired

  32.In order to prevent stress from being set up in the metal,expansion joints are fitted which ____ the stress by allowing the pipe to expand or contract freely.

  A) relieve

  B) reconcile

  C) reclaim

  D) rectify

  33.How much of your country's electrical supply is ____ from water power?

  A) deduced

  B) detached

  C) derived

  D) declined

  34.She had recently left a job and had helped herself to copies of the company's client data,which she intended to ____ in starting her own business.

  A) dwell on

  B) come upon

  C) base on

  D) draw upon

  35.The glass vessels should be handled most carefully since they are ____.

  A) intricate

  B) fragile

  C) subtle

  D) crisp

  36.Hill slopes are cleared of forests to make way for crops, but this only ____ the crisis.

  A) accelerates

  B) prevails

  C) ascends

  D) precedes

  37.He blew out the candle and ____ his way to the door.

  A) converged

  B) groped

  C) strove

  D) wrenched

  38.Often such arguments have the effect of ____ rather than clarifying the issues involved.

  A) obscuring

  B) prejudicing

  C) tackling

  D) blocking

  39.I found it difficult to ____ my career ambitions with the need to bring up my children.

  A) consolidate

  B) intensify

  C) amend

  D) reconcile

  40.It is fortunate for the old couple that their son's career goals and their wishes for him ____.

  A) coincide

  B) collaborate

  C) comply

  D) conform



  1.D 参考译文:设计师已为他的新发明申请了专利。

  2.C 参考译文:玩具商制造了一个空间站的模型,与实物完全一致。

  3.D 参考译文:能源税可以遏制空气污染,限制石油进口并减少财政赤字。

  4.C 参考译文:他们决定在所有地方学校中消除体罚现象。

  5.B 参考译文:宇航员在进入航天器之前需经过各种各样的测试。

  6.C 参考译文:单项体育运动由370多个独立的管理机构掌管,他们的责任是起草规章制度,举办赛事,选拔国家队,加强国际间的.联系。

  7.D 参考译文:在那之前,他的兴趣几乎全部集中在全面的掌握手艺的技巧上。

  8.B 参考译文:2000年奥运会所有的仪式都带有一种独特的澳大利亚风情,这表明他们是多元文化的社会。

  9.B 参考译文:我检查了我的眼睛,检查报告说视力是完好的。

  10.C 参考译文:他非常赞叹的观赏着科斯林和皇家博物馆联合出版的图片。

  11.C 参考译文:那时,除了因为不称职而被解雇外,执行官要终生呆在同一家公司直到65岁退休。

  12.C 参考译文:其他人以谨慎的态度看待这个研究结果,他们注意到癌症和被动吸烟之间的因果关系还有待被发现。

  13.D 参考译文:1986年挑战者宇宙飞船事故是由于发射前的异常低温引起的。

  14.D 参考译文:任何产品供大于求时,价格都会下跌。

  15.C 参考译文:音乐使他产生了强烈的思乡情绪。

  16.B 参考译文:我买了一只带发光表盘的闹钟,这样可以在黑暗中看清楚。









  25.B 参考译文:她的珠宝首饰在聚光灯下闪闪发光,让她在舞会上大出风头。

  26.A 参考译文:Connie被告知如果工作太努力,她的健康就会越来越糟。

  27.C 参考译文:我们发现一些鸟一年之中在天寒和天暖的国家之间迁徙两次。

  28.B 参考译文:作为访问学者,他们愿意遵守所在国的传统习俗。

  29.B 参考译文:85%以上的法裔加拿大人以法语作为他们的母语,并信奉天主教。

  30.C 参考译文:教授发现自己总是思考这个问题,“怎么会有人做这些事呢?”

  31.B 参考译文:几个星期过去了,涉嫌银行抢劫案的人仍然一个也没被逮捕。

  32.A 参考译文:为了防止金属受到压力胁迫,人们安装了膨胀接点,可以使管子自由缩胀,从而缓解压力。

  33.C 参考译文:你们国家的电力供应中,水力发电占多大比例?

  34.D 参考译文:她最近辞去了一份工作,并擅自取走该公司的客户资料,打算自己开公司时使用。

  35.B 参考译文:玻璃器皿要小心使用,因为它们易碎。

  36.A 参考译文:山坡上的树木被砍光了,种上了庄稼,但这只会激化危机。

  37.B 参考译文:他吹灭了蜡烛,摸索着走到门口。

  38.A 参考译文:这些争论的效果往往是使问题更加模糊,而不是澄清涉及到的问题。

  39.D 参考译文:我觉得很难将自己的事业雄心和带孩子的需求统一起来。

  40.A 参考译文:老俩口感到庆幸的是,儿子自己的事业目标和他们对儿子的期望一致。










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